The principle of “just in time” is to deliver any goods, products or components to the customer only when needed. This concept saves costs – for storage, employment of staff and fixed capital, among other things. Prerequisites for this, however, are highest quality and reliability in the logistical planning as well as in the supply chain.
If goods are not only to be delivered according to the just-in-time principle in the production process, but also in the correct order, materials are ordered according to the just-in-sequence concept. We can do this for you, too. Thanks to our experience and reliability, in combination with suitable IT, we synchronise the internal processes of customers and suppliers for you, transparently illustrate machine capacities and staff capacities and thus enable you to produce in line with exact demands with minimised order throughput times.

Another one of our services is to maintain high availability after the essential product life cycle. In this regard we organise the administration – goods in, storage, picking and goods out – and implement the stock-keeping of spare parts throughout the statutory period. In terms of picking, we ensure good and fast supply to end customers, authorised repair shops, service centres and decentralised supply depots, i.a. by immediate delivery. Further advantages for you are

  • fast international shipping
  • shipping using alltransport modes
  • generation of competitive edges
  • increase in customer satisfaction, and
  • extension of the product life cycle

Our 360° portfolio also comprises the classic topics of logistics, such as customs matters and services in cooperation with administrative bodies and authorities, freight cost analyses and shipping optimisation. Our range of services in this respect includes the organisation and realisation of deliveries of goods both between EU countries and third countries.

From foreign trade to customs clearance, we take over all planning-related and operative steps. Therefore we enable our customers to operate successfully on international markets. We manage our own open customs warehouse for this purpose and are furthermore an AEOC (Authorised Economic Operator Customs).

In the context of the international export of goods, we also offer competent shipment to overseas destinations for our customers. Among other things, we cater for safe passages by our specifically produced special packagings suited for sea freight (e.g. crates) which are manufactured in our company’s own carpentry. In this way your goods will arrive at their destination in due time without damage, subject to the required conservation measures. These measures can also be adapted according to the CKD (completely knocked down) and SKD (semi-knocked down) product dismantling degree.

Furthermore we take on the work for container loading and stowage. We position your shipped items in a carrier-optimised way and thus maintain the securing of cargo and the cost optimum.

From the moment of completion of all classic media products on, we assume the central coordination of any logistic process flows in a market which is mainly characterised by its requirements for precise scheduling and swiftness. In the scheduling, planning, monitoring and handling of media logistics projects we can draw on our many years of knowledge of the structures and characteristic features of this industry. We exclusively cooperate with forwarding service providers having experience in the industry. In this way we offer customised, cost-effective concepts for your individual task in a special market.

The logistics concept for inventory optimisation is the consignment storage. It provides benefits for customers and suppliers alike by integrating the suppliers clearly more firmly into the logistic processes of a manufacturer.

The principle describes the supplier’s offer of flexible warehouses near the buyer who can take goods from the warehouse as needed. The goods remain the supplier’s property until they are taken out by the customer. Advantages of this are…

  • highest security of supply: goods are available in the agreed quantities at all times
  • reduction of capital commitment: goods are charged only after taking out of the warehouse
  • reduced expenditure for the suppliers for their own stock-keeping

We offer consignment storage and its special forms, such as supplier logistics centres of several contractors and the associated advantages of a “one-warehouse principle”.

We complete our service portfolio with various specific extra services. Among them there are:

  • battery installation in forklift trucks
  • pre-assembly, assembly and disassembly of components
  • kitting
  • cleaning of exchange containers
  • fulfilment service, and
  • 24/7 attendance and availability

If you have special requirements that need individual ways and means, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to developing efficient solutions with you.