our vision.

The main focus of our future development is set on

… securing the company’s long-term and sustainable existence as an ultimate ambition

… being a company independent of capital markets

… remaining an owner-managed company

… improving our reputation and brand equity

… strengthening our unique selling proposition

… generating sustainable growth and expanding upon existing and upcoming customers

… strengthening Teamlog as an employer brand – e.g. by qualifying and motivating our employees.

Visions needs space.


our driving engine.

Quality – a core value in our company – stands for our fundamental brand philosophy. It is based on many years of experience, long-term customer partnerships and employees who live this spirit day by day. As our highest priority, it is monitored and certified both by the management and by external auditors as well. In the context of our zero-defect philosophy, each of us is responsible for the quality of our services and solutions.

A comprehensive training program as well as a performance-related bonus system lay the foundations for this attitude, and eventually also for customer satisfaction. Together with our quality policy, it has an essential controlling function and is confirmed by our exceptionally long customer relationships. We consider service quality to be an obligation – orders are only accepted if we can execute them in a reliable, timely and cost-effective way.

Quality is a cost, but a lack of it costs much more.


A chance for people and environment.

It is our aim to fill the term “green logistics” with life and to regard it as a chance for people and the environment. In concrete terms this means constantly improving the corporate environmental protection and putting it on the same level as any other business objectives.

As a pioneer in our sector we make use of the advantages of a solar system, among other things, and generate energy from wood chips.

Further priorities of our environmental guidelines are:

… efficient usage of resources, reduction of emissions and waste,

… preferred purchase of recyclable products,

… employee training on environmental issues,

… motivating suppliers and service providers to share our environmental objectives,

… open and trustworthy cooperation with authorities, organisations, companies and the public in matters of environmental protection.

Our environmental policy in the field of energy consumption and production, disposal, fresh water and waste water is documented annually in our environmental statement and certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

The environment is our standard.


active on a regional basis.

We continue our responsible corporate philosophy on a regional level. By reflecting on our locations and due to the fact that sport is high on Teamlog’s list of priorities, we are strongly committed in the society and support the sports clubs in our region. We are currently supporting clubs and projects by Sponsoring.

 Sport fits in transport.