Our excellent above-average 360° logistics portfolio contains all the elements required along a value-added chain. We offer you single services or an individual combination of them.

Whether one-time brief projects or long-term contractual partnerships – we are your reliable supra-regional logistics Provider.


Supreme discipline of logistics.

True to Aristotle’s philosophic approach of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, we render logistics services in the context of long-term cooperation with our customers. In addition to basic activities such as transport, warehousing and transshipment, these include various additional services, too.

In accordance with our constant efforts to provide you with customised 360° logistics solutions, we maintain a trustful cooperation with our partners. This is the only way to keep up durable, efficient and integrated logistics. It becomes possible on the basis of the initial concept – a logistics project planning tailored to your specific company and sector along the entire value-added chain. Only after this we start to select individual services from our logistics portfolio which best suit the respective purpose.

As a result of our cooperation you will receive a holistic premium logistics package that is exactly geared to your requirements – workable in the long term and planned with an eye to the future.

Others talk about logistics –  we just do it.


Everything in the right place.

We provide the best flexible warehouse solutions as well as variable storage facilities for your individual use.

Ranging from temporary storage to complete warehouse outsourcing, we manage every project. A smooth flow of material and information is guaranteed by the implementation of intelligent logistics technology and state-of-the-art software.

Our qualified and experienced employees provide you with the current status of any goods movements and storage functions of your commodities at any time.

A competitive edge through warehousing.


We move your goods.

The core area of logistics, which is at the same time the main focus of our activities, is to plan and implement measures to…

… optimally manage the transportation of goods,

… choose the right means and routes of transport,

… organise the loading and unloading as well as handing over of goods.

Our transportation chains are the result of well-harmonised technical and organisational processes, accompanied by corresponding documentation chains for an ever transparent flow of information. This enables us not only to register and coordinate international flows of commodities but also to optimise already existing services. IT-supported state-of-the-art tracking systems supply you with key data on the transport of your goods at any time. In addition to all the classical economic performance criteria of transport logistics we also advise you on the aspects of ecological efficiency of your flow of goods. Our sustainability management helps us to support your sustainability objectives, too, and to provide you with an answer to the latest demands on transport logistics processes and Systems.

Your aims are our motivation.


Added value from a single source.

Special services complete our individual 360° logistics portfolio. Our customers receive everything from a single source – in a holistic and cost-effective way. Here, too, we convince particularly due to our know-how of the industry and many years of experience in the market. Our services include



Our services are described in detail below.

Production supply

Just in time” refers to a principle according to which goods, products and components are delivered only when needed by the customer. This concept yields positive results by reducing costs for warehousing, employment of staff and fixed capital, on the one hand. On the other hand, it requires highest quality and reliability in logistical planning and in the supply chain.

If the just-in-time concept is extended by the aspect of considering the right order in which goods are needed in the production flow, material provision must be handled according to the principle of “just in sequence”. Therefore, on our customers’ request, we manage any services and processes under one umbrella and along the entire value-added chain, e.g. equipping belts or pre-assembly work. This is exactly where we come in with our expertise and reliability combined with suitable IT. We synchronise the internal processes of buyers and suppliers for you, make machine and staff capacities transparent and thus enable you to manufacture in line with exact demand at minimised overall order throughput times.

Spare parts logistics

Another one of our services is maintaining high availability after the main product life cycle. In this spirit we organise the administration – receipt of goods, storage, order picking and dispatching – and put the provisioning of spare parts beyond statutory periods into practice.

Concerning order picking, we guarantee good and prompt supply of spare parts to end-customers, authorised repair shops and service centres as well as to decentralised supply depots, e.g. by immediate delivery.

Further advantages for you:

…fast international shipping,

…making use of all possible transport modes,

…generating competitive edges,

…enhancing customer satisfaction, and

…prolonging the product life cycle.

Export / import

Our 360° portfolio also contains classic logistics services, such as customs matters and cooperation with administrative bodies and authorities, as well as freight cost analysis and dispatch optimisation. Our range of services includes both the organisation and realisation of shipments between EU member states and in third countries.

From foreign trade to customs clearance – we take over any planning and operative steps. This enables our customers to act successfully on international markets. To that effect we operate our own open bonded warehouse; furthermore, we are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) according to the European security concept.

Special packaging

In the context of international exportation of goods we also offer competent shipping to overseas locations. We ensure safe passage by our specifically produced special packaging suitable for sea freight (e.g. crate construction), which are manufactured in our in-house carpentry workshop.

Consequently, in due consideration of any required preservation measures, your goods will arrive at destination free of damage and on time. These measures may be adapted to the degrees of product dismantling CKD (completely knocked down) and SKD (semi-knocked down).

Furthermore, we take over work like container loading and stowage. We position your shipped items in a way optimised for loading aids and thus maintain cargo safety and optimum cost.

Media logistics

From the moment of completion of any classic media products, we take over the central coordination of all logistics processes in a market that is primarily characterised by its requirements for precise scheduling and swiftness.

When it comes to scheduling, dispatching and monitoring of media logistics projects we can draw on profound knowledge of the structures and characteristic features of this industry. We cooperate exclusively with forwarding service providers who have experience in this industry. In this way we offer customised, cost-effective concepts for your individual task in a specific market.

Consignment warehouse logistics

Consignment warehousing is a logistics concept for stock optimisation. It yields advantages both for customers and suppliers by deeply involving suppliers in the logistics processes of a manufacturer. This principle describes the supplier’s provision of flexible warehouses in the vicinity of a customer who can take goods from the warehouse when needed. The goods remain property of the supplier until taken out by the customer.


The key benefits are:

… highest level of supply security: goods are available at any time in the agreed quantity,

… reduced capital lockup: goods are only invoiced when taking them out of the warehouse,

… reduced expenditure of suppliers’ own stock keeping.


We offer consignment warehousing and special forms like supplier logistics centres of several third-party suppliers and the associated benefit of a “single warehouse principle”.

Value-added services

Our service portfolio is rounded off by diverse specific extras, like:

… installing batteries in forklift trucks, … pre-assembly, assembly and disassembly of components, … kitting, … cleaning of returned reusable containers, … fulfilment service, and … 24/7 attendance and availability.

If you have special requirements demanding individual ways and means, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to developing unique solutions with you.

Complex processes always call for simplesolutions.


Expert knowledge – the key to success.

In today’s ever more dynamic business world smart tools for well-founded decisions become more and more significant. In addition to the main business segments of transport logistics, warehouse logistics and general logistics services, we provide overall knowledge in the form of simulations and 3D visualisation. Thanks to our 360° logistics portfolio we can be a one-stop shop for our customers. You have an idea? We visualise it and show you the virtual operation in advance. Already existing processes can equally be optimised. For you this means highest planning security, saving of time and costs as well as absolute transparency for your projects.

3D visualisation

  • visualisation to scale of concepts and drafts
  • 3D PDF files depictable and manipulable for every PC user
  • rendered 3D images
  • shadow analyses
  • real-time visualisation, camera flight, optionally with sound on vision, background music
  • video animations


Optimisation projects and virtual start of operation

  • state-of-the art simulation tool
  • modelling, validation and verification
  • experiment management
  • data collection and evaluation
  • data import/export
  • optimisation algorithms with constraints
  • real-time visualisation in 2D and 3D
  • live evaluation and changeability
  • video creation for diverse purposes

Simulations are successfully used at any point of a logistics project: whether in advance as a feasibility study in order to support general and detailed planning, or to optimise existing systems. As a result of our cooperation you will receive a holistic premium logistics package exactly geared to your requirements – viable in the long term and planned ahead.

Knowing the problem is more important than wanting to find the solution.